About Dr. Faith E. Leuschen

Dr. Faith E. Leuschen,D.C.

Dr. Faith E. Leuschen
Total Body Balance
Established in 1996

Concern for others well being and striving to make a difference in the quality of peoples lives has always been a priority in my life.  I went into Holistic Health Care to make a difference in people on a physical health basis including structural, cellular and emotional.  Chiropractic was a perfect link in the combination of everything I have studied and continue to study as advances are made.

I was influenced at a young age into a life of bodybuilding and

Dr. Faith E. Leuschen, D.C.

mastering my own body.  This lead me into a life based around nutrition and exercise. At 19 years old, I injured my low back.  My back pain continued with no relief from the medical field.  I was on my way to becoming a medical doctor, doing my undergrad work at CSULB.  I than met a chiropractor that changed my life.  He adjusted me once and my back pain was 90% better without the use of medication.  I immediately applied to Los Angeles College of Chiropractic and was accepted into their program.  For more about Dr. Faith E. Leuschen, D.C. visit her official webpage @ www.totalbodybalanceinc.com.

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Primary Location & Group Practice
Office Address
515 North Sepulveda Boulevard Suite B
Manhattan Beach, CA, 90266

Phone Number: (310) 372-2687
Fax Number: (310) 372-35


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